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What We Beleive

Borderline surveys was created in spring 2016 with a different view to professional Land surveying. We believe that a good land surveyor crosses the "borderline" between the rugged front line field surveyor, and the careful, analytical office bound professional.

We use the same staff in the field that we do in the office- once our staff is on a project they follow it through wherever it goes. While an unusual business model today, we are merely reinvigorating the successful historic practice of professional Alberta land surveyors. Jason has found this approach gives greater satisfaction for self and clients.

Whether its municipal surveys, data collection for engineering design, or remote oil/resource extraction surveys, we have done it all- and probably recently.

Our Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge is our unique workflow practice. Borderline Surveys has been built from the ground up to leverage Jason's skills, education, and decades of experience into a streamlined and efficient workflow. Our land surveyor performs all aspects of the field survey, client liaison, calculations, plan checking, and invoicing. This always puts the company's best knowledge and experience to work "on site" where your projects needs it most, rather than tying it up in layers of management. We don't delegate completion of your project through multiple departments, we just get out there and get it done. In fact we don't carry a large staff because we simply don't need one.